Top 5 the best designs and plans of simple houses ready to build

March 29, 2022

In PlanosdeCasas.Shop you will find a list of the best simple, cheap, small and beautiful house designs ready to build, these house models are designed by professional architects, the house designs that you will find vary from one floor to two floors, simple and little ones.

Small modern house design 136m2

One of the best simple house designs made by the architect Miguel Leiva, this cheap house design has the minimum spaces necessary for a family that requires 3 rooms. This simple house model is perfect to build, as it is visually modern and elegant, while meeting the dimensions of an economical house that any family can build. If you want the plans of this cheap house, go to this link modern tiny one level house design.

Design of a small and beautiful house with two levels in 130m2

One of the best houses designed by the architect in charge of ESTUDIO 23, this economic house design has two levels and still falls into the range of economic houses thanks to its distribution of spaces in the design. The plans of this small and cute house with two levels only occupy the space of 15×8 meters and it occupies only 130m2 of construction. If you are looking to attract attention and have an economical house that stands out from the rest, this small and cute two-level house design is for you. You can learn more about the plans of this small and beautiful house with two levelss ready to build when you click the link. enlace.

House Design Small House 150m2

Top of the houses designed by the architect Daniela Merán, this one-level house design has a simple but elegant design, which has a distribution that gives a touch to the avant-garde architect in design, the facade is simple so that The client can modify it to his liking. The dimensions of this economic house design is 15.7x10m2, this design has as a particularity its easy adaptation and distribution to different lands and this house has all the plans of small houses with measurements and ready for construction. If you want to know more about the plans of this economic house 150m2 Small House, you can click on the link, you will find the plans.

Plans of House A-2 small and simple with a floor of 130m2

House designed by the architect Meneses, this house has a classic and elegant design, given its distribution of space, this design of small one-story houses can be easily modified and adapted to the terrain that is available. The dimensions of House A-2 is 88m2 plus 45m2 of parking, making a total of 130m2. La ventaja de esta casa es que cuenta con 3 habitaciones diseñadas con espacio mínimo en un espacio de 88m2, si quieres conocer mas sobre los cute little house plans Is 130m2 that has 3 rooms with measurements in meters, you can find it by clicking on the link.

Modern and affordable housing plans

One of the best simple house designs by the architect in charge of the ERLA ARQUITECTURA studio, this simple and elegant design was designed so that the client can modify it to their liking. The dimensions of this modern and economical house are 10×18 meters, with a construction plot of 180m2. This design is designed for a large family that wants to have some extra tastes such as having a pool and terrace, while still in an economical house design. If you want to know more about the modern house plans, You can click on the link above.

Modern house plan