You are an architect and you want to make your designs known, here we will give you the pauses that you must take into account to create your store and to promote your designs, we have a large number of potential customers ready to contact you and give value to your creativity.


  • Being an architect
  • To be the author of the design
  • Verify yourself on the platform when registering

Why should I join PlanosdeCasas.Shop?

Earn money as an online architect with your affiliation you have the advantage of having your own space in which you can publicize your work, you can create a store which you can customize to your liking and make yourself known among the customers of our platform.

What is a store and what are the advantages of creating one?

With a store you can upload your resume, your designs, promote them or sell them according to your needs, all very personalized and tailored to your needs.

Advantages of the stores

  • You can upload your curriculum
  • Link your social networks
  • Have followers of the store
  • Online Chat
  • Having an online portfolio
  • Having a rating and online presence
  • You can sell the designs according to your needs (unique designs for a single sale or several sales).
  • You can only work for customized designs from customers.

How should I upload the drawings?

How should I upload the plans (PDF) in a file? ZIP, The list of drawings is shown below:


  • Render 3D JPG
  • Furnished floor plan PDF
  • Dimensioned plant PDF
  • Front facade plan PDF (optional)


  • Elevations PDF
  • PDF Sections
  • Roof plans PDF
  • Electrical Drawing PDF
  • Sanitary Plan PDF
  • Foundation plan PDF
  • PDF detail drawings
  • Any other drawings that merit PDF

You can upload other files according to your consideration, all compressed in a single ZIP file (PDF, RENDERS, ETC).

Do I still own the design I sell?

Of course, all rights belong to you, so you can add a license file (Notepad) giving details of everything the client can do with your design, whether it is to build only one unit or several, allow modifications, no resale, etc.

Are these designs going to be built?

Of course, clients buy these designs to build, but they will be treated by local architects for their adaptation to the laws of their country or sector, also these clients may contact you to adapt them to the laws of those countries and earn an additional commission for such changes (they are optional for architects, they may or may not accept).

What price should I put on my plans?

We suggest prices according to the complexity of the designs, but the prices to be placed are entirely up to the architects, but you must consider that these plans will be sold to a large volume of people or the amount you consider either a single client, all these factors affect the final price.

What percentage does the platform keep for each sale?

For each sale you make on the platform you keep 70% and the platform 30%.

How can I get paid?

When you make sales on the platform, these amounts will be accumulated and can be collected through PAYPAL, you just have to enter your PAYPAL email and click on the collection option. NOTE: You must wait 7 days to collect your last sale balance.

Where can I register as an affiliate?

In the following button you can go directly to register as an affiliate. Remember to click on the SIGN UP to create your account as a seller.


Puedes contactarnos para cualquier duda sobre como ser afiliados.You can contact us for any questions about becoming an affiliate.