You are an architect and you want to show your designs?, because here we will give you the breaks you have to take into account to be able to create your store and be able to promote your designs, we have a large number of potential customers ready to contact you and to give value to your creativity.


  • To be an architect
  • Be the author of the design
  • Verified on the platform to register

Why should I join PlanosdeCasas.Shop?

Earn money as an architect online with your membership you have the advantage of having your own space in which you can give to your work, you can create a shop in which you can customize to your liking and to make yourself known among the clients of our platform.

What is a store, and what advantages do I have to create it?

With a shop you can upload your resume, your design, advertise, or sell them according to your needs, very customized and adjusted to suit your needs.

Advantages of the shops

  • You can upload your resume
  • Link to your social networks
  • Followers of the store
  • Chat online
  • Having a portfolio online
  • To have a rating and online presence
  • You can sell the designs according to your needs (unique Designs from a single sale or multiple sales)
  • You can only work for custom designs from customers.

How should I upload the drawings?

You have to upload the drawings (PDF) in a file ZIPthe list of plans you will find it below:


  • 3D rendering JPG
  • Plant furnished PDF
  • Plant dimensioned PDF
  • Flat front façade PDF (optional)


  • Elevations PDF
  • Sections PDF
  • Roof planes PDF
  • Electricity plan PDF
  • Flat Health PDF
  • Plane of foundations PDF
  • Plans details PDF
  • Any other plane that warrants PDF

You can upload other files according to your consideration, all compressed in a single ZIP file (PDF, RENDERS, ETC).

What even am the owner of the design that I sell?

It is clear that if, all rights belong to you, so you can add a license file (Notepad) giving detail of everything you can do with your design, whether to build only one unit or several, to allow modifications, you can not resell, etc

How these designs are going to build?

It is clear that if the customers purchase these designs in order to build, but the same shall be treated by local architects for their adaptation to the laws in force in your country and / or sector, also these customers may contact you to adapt to the laws of those countries and to gain an additional fee for these changes are optional for architects, may or may not accept).

What price should I put in my drawings?

We suggest prices according to the complexity of the designs, but the prices to drop are entirely of architects, but you should consider that these planes will be sold to a large volume of people, or the amount that you consider either a single client, all of these factors affect the final price.

What percent is the platform for each sale?

For each sale that you make on the platform will stay with the 70% and the platform with the 30%.

How can I collect?

When you make sales on the platform, these amounts will accumulate and may be a collector by means of PAYPAL, you just need to put your mail of PAYPAL, and to give the option of collections. NOTE: you must wait 7 days to collect your balance of last sale.

Where can I sign up as an affiliate?

On the following button you can go straight to sign up as an affiliate. Remember to click on the tab SIGN UP to create your account as a seller.


You can contact us for any doubt on how to be an affiliate.