Earn money as an architect

Guide for members on how to publish on the platform

Sign up and start uploading your shots to earn money in a simple way, just in our web-based platform PlanosdeCasas.Shopjust upload the necessary files compressed in a ZIP file to start earning money.

Planes are required to publish on the platform

This is the list of drawings and files that are required to be approved in the platform PlanosdeCasas.Shopthese files must be compressed in a ZIP.

COMPRESSED FILES IN ZIP (These are the drawings that you purchase the customer)

  • Plant furnished PDF
  • Plant dimensioned PDF
  • Render JPG
  • Front facade (Optional)


These images are uploaded so that the customer can visualize that comes to the design.

  • Render JPG
  • Flat dimension or plane schematic JPG

Steps to upload the drawings to PlanosdeCasas.Shop

Here you will find a step by step guide how you can publish your design on the platform.

1 – register

Click the user icon, then click Sign Up and populate with the data that ask you to proceed to the next step.

2 – add level

As with your profile, fact, click on click on products and then in ADD NEW LEVEL

3Publish the plane

Fill in the data as shown in the image, and at the end click on CREATE PRODUCT

4 – Edit the product

Click as suggested by the image.

5 – fill in the data of the product

Choose the TYPE OF PRODUCT. SIMPLE and then click DOWNLOADABLE and VIRTUAL to be able to attach the ZIP file with the plans to sell to customers.

Choose the option SIMPLE PRODUCT and mark VIRTUAL and DOWNLOADABLE.


Choose the option SIMPLE PRODUCT and mark VIRTUAL and DOWNLOADABLE.

10 thought on “Guía para afiliados sobre como publicar en la plataforma”

  1. hildemaro meneses

    Sorry I am new to this but I don't understand which file should I upload the DWG or a picture of the drawings

  2. The DWG zipped and the images of the planes in JPG format. You can convert the flat dr PDF to JPG online.

  3. Nelson jose Rivas Otero

    Flat accessible for all types of people. Ethics and responsibility is part of the professionalism by my person.

    Sinior, Nelson Rivas

  4. Nelson jose Rivas Otero

    Plans for all types of customers
    All presentations are available.
    The value of the above are very accessible.
    I give him a follow-up is very effective for any question of customer.
    Confidence in my work for the customer peace of mind.
    Used to close my sales success.

  5. Charles Stanford

    Greetings. I would like to know if there is any cost in the membership of this platform, if I have to create an online store and what type of files should I upload initially the platform, to showcase the designs. Thanks a lot and greetings from Colombia!

  6. Greetings Carlos,
    Since there is no fee for membership, you can create a store for free and upload all the drawings that you want, of course, always following the guidelines and describing that comes to your design.
    Files to upload: The drawings in DWG format and image in JPG format (These images are renderings and drawings)

  7. Oscar Omar Lerma D.

    Excellent day, the price that is given to the plans, according to lei, it is at the discretion of the architect that designs , my question is what the price given is us dollars?

  8. So, the cost is to the discretion of the architect and the price is the us$, but the price is you must choose a smart way to get a lot of sales without being very cheap.

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