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Services of structural calculation: The key to a safe construction!

We offer a service of structural calculations to ensure the safety and stability of your construction projects. Our team of highly skilled engineers perform precise calculations and detailed to ensure that your project complies with the structural requirements necessary. In addition, our service structural calculations also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your project is located within the rules and regulations of the current building. Whether you're working on a new construction or remodeling, our services of structural calculations are fundamental to ensure the integrity of your project and the safety of its occupants. Trust our team of experts to provide you with services of structural calculations reliable and professional!

What are the structural calculations and why they are important to the security of your home?

The structural calculations are a set of mathematical calculations and technical analysis that determine the strength, stability and safety of a structure, whether it is a house, building or other construction. These calculations are vital to ensure that the structure can endure the weight and the forces that will be exhibited in his lifetime, which ensures its durability and long-term safety.

In the case of a house, structural calculations are essential to ensure that the structure can support its own weight, the weight of the materials used in the construction and weight of people and objects in its interior. They are also important to anticipate and prevent possible failures or structural damage caused by factors like earthquakes, high winds, and other natural disasters.

How do the services of structural calculation and how it can help you in the process of construction?

The services of structural calculations are a crucial part of the process of construction of any building. The structural calculations are required to ensure that the structure is sufficiently strong and durable to withstand the loads that will be applied to it throughout its useful life.

An architect or structural engineer can perform these calculations using specialized software that allows you to model and analyze the structure. It will take into account factors such as the geographic location, the climate and the materials of construction to ensure that the structure is able to withstand the wind loads, snow, earthquake, among others.


The services of structural calculation can also help to optimise the design of your structure so that you can save time and money in the construction. The analysis of the structure before the construction, we can identify potential problems and correct them before they become real problems, which can save you time and repair costs.

What factors are taken into account when performing structural calculations to ensure a safe and durable construction?

The structural calculations take into account factors such as the type of soil, the geographic location, the loads that will support the structure and materials to use to ensure a safe and durable construction.

The risks of not having structural calculations suitable and how this can affect the quality and safety of your building.

Not having structural calculations suitable can lead to a building to be unsafe and of poor quality. The structures can suffer long-term damage, which could endanger the occupants and result in expensive repairs and reconstructions. It is important to work with professionals who are trained and experienced in structural calculations to ensure a safe and durable construction.

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