What are the designs of houses are the most desired by customers?

If you're working the designs of houses and want to have a great conversion of sales on the platform, since here you will see the recommendations feasible for you to have a quick return on sales of your designs. Here, we will provide a list of the dimensions of the houses that customers looking to build on his land.

Suggestions of plans to design with quick return

Classify a list as three lines, the size of houses, dimensions of house terrain and requirements of houses.

Dimensions of houses

  • Houses of 30m2
  • Houses of 40m2
  • Houses of 60m2
  • Casas 70m2
  • Casas 80m2
  • Houses of 100m2
  • Houses of 120m2
  • Houses of 150m2

Dimensions home for the terrain

  • Home plans 3 x 6 meters
  • Home plans 6×15 metres
  • Home plans 7×15 metres
  • Home plans 6×15 metres
  • Home plans 8×20 meters
  • Home plans 10×10 meters
  • Home plans 10×20 metres

Requirements of homes

  • Plans of small houses
  • Drawings of modern houses
  • Blueprints container house
  • Plans of Houses of two floors small
  • Home plans one story with 3 rooms small
  • Plans prefabricated houses
  • Home plans, minimalist
  • Home plans 2 floors and 3 bedrooms
  • Home plans 2 floors and 4 bedrooms
  • Home plans 4 bedroom 1 floor

What are the designs of houses are the most sought after by the client?

The home plans small, modern and affordable are the designs are dear customers, as a recommendation we suggest to upload this kind of projects, so that you get a fast return.

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