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Design plans for a villa small that you could build to make your dreams a reality. This design of the villa has a size of 18.50×13.20 meters.

This home is build up my breast, would have very happy, because we all have that dream of having our villa in a remote location that gives us a lot of peace of mind, living to the fullest with the nature and in the utmost harmony, that is why we bring this home design inspired in one of the 3 legends of soccer: Rafael Marquez, The “Kaiser”. This design of the villa has a size of 18.50×13.20 meters.

Why should you buy this design for small villa?

If you have that desire to live in a small village and you find that the budget for the design is too bulky, then this is your best option.


  • Villa on two levels
  • 3 bathrooms (two shared bathrooms)
  • 2 kitchens
  • Jacuzzi
  • Main room
  • Receiver
  • Office on second level
  • Dining room with fireplace on the first level
  • Bar in first and second level
  • Laundry area on first level
  • Room service

What other features?

  • Brings the plane in conjunction with other recreational areas
  • Swimming pool
  • Play area
  • Space of contemplation
  • Home-for-service (Design, first level)

What is included in the purchase?

You can modify the plane to your taste and add the areas that you'd like, the planes come in CAD format and has a license of a construction payment plans.


  • Facade 3D
  • Ground floor
  • Plant sized
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Flat Roof
  • Assembly drawing
  • License file

Use license

  • You can modify the plans without the drawbacks.
  • The right to work, despite the purchase belongs to the architect, therefore you can't resell this design in any way.
  • You can only build a home with this purchase.

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4 bedroom


3 baths

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