How to make money working from home being an architect

EARN MONEY being an ARCHITECT self is always tricky, your time is money, that is why it is important to maximize the most of your time. You won't want to get caught in a pattern of excess of those jobs for architects, and does not earn enough money, that's why here you'll learn how to leverage your knowledge of architecture and be able to do your own work as an architect to make money online passively.

One of the best ways to combat this problem is to create streams of passive income and automated by teletrabajos for architects, created by you.

But what is a passive income?

The definition of an income stream passive relates to the profits of an activity in which you do not actively participates as are the wages of an architect who meets a schedule. There are three main categories for this, including the management of a rental property, a business in which you are a silent partner or an investment that pays interest or dividends.

The version less well-known and very convenient to earn money passively for an architect refers to the term residual income , which means something that generates money by itself, and you don't have time to win it. Unlike working with customers to keep paying your bills (exchanging your time for money), with the passive income will continue to be paid regardless of who is spending billable hours working on them.

If you exchange your time for money, sooner or later, reaches a ceiling. There are few hours in a day and you can't increase your price per hour without ceasing. An income stream passive has no limits, you can earn money always with this method and with your knowledge of this method will increase your winnings online and without much effort.

However, with any type of income stream, you'll need to maintain and perform upgrades as necessary. Therefore, passive income are not fully a way of earning money to “set it and forget it”. That said, the work involved is usually minimal or invested in advance.


How is passive income and how can I EARN MONEY as an ARCHITECT?

The goal of a flow of automated revenue is generate passive income so you don't have to actively work to earn a living. You're busy doing that as an architect, self every day, because the passive income are not something that generally you can rely on for steady income and should be considered more as an add-on.

Usually, there is a large lump sum of money you receive in a month, but smaller payments received over time. Are these smaller payments which can really add up throughout the year and provide more stability to your budget as an architect, self-contained.

Say how much you will gain as an architect is only $ 1,000 dollars in recurring revenue or streams of passive income each month. That doesn't seem like much in the grand scheme of pay for housing or other bills. But when used as a complement of their revenue pie general, ¡ is equivalent to $ 12,000 a year!, a sum not negligible that it can go higher depending on the time you invest in the method.

Benefits of creating income automated for architects

The main attraction of the creation of income streams automated that are deposited in your bank account on a regular basis is the fact that you can essentially make money while you sleep for the simple fact you know how to sell architecture for the internet. You do not have to be in the office or on the site to bring money, by means of a salary for architects.

Along with this idea, there are other benefits of creating sources of income automated to start a business of architecture online.

  • Greater stability. Earn a living as an architect, independent often means that you have income that is inconsistent, since it depends on the work of the client and the architectural projects to pay the bills. The creation of a flow of automated revenue gives you and your budget the stability that both need to create a business plan architecture on our platform. Therefore, if a client does not pay on time or a project is running outside of the closing date, any passive income that you think will help close that gap.
  • A scalable business. Change time for money is not a business model is scalable , but a revenue stream regularly has the potential to continue to grow indefinitely. The time you devote to the marketing, sale or creation of your source of passive income means more money in your pocket without having to do any additional work.
  • Completely passive. Once you put in the time and effort to set up your flow of income in the initial stages, will continue working for you and will create a living wage for architects that is on the increase, this will be a work-from-home for architects very lucrative. No matter where you are or what you're doing, this flow of passive income to start paying with the time and you will begin to EARN MONEY as an ARCHITECT in an automated manner, which gives him the freedom to concentrate on other things. Once that is established a good system, this type of income is completely passive and anger on the rise.

Work for architects online perfect for you

You don't need to enter in a bag of jobs for architects this 2021, as we create the best system for any architect with experience or without experience who do not have work, you can create your own system of selling architecture for the internet and start your own architectural business online to earn money passively.

Do not believe in what you can't do an architect, but focus on what you can do and that you can work as an architect, one of those ways is to sell your projects online, this way you'll need or salary that will increase with time.

But how you can generate these passive income in PlanosdeCasas.Shop?

Depending on the type of income stream you create, as an architect, you can invest a little bit of time at the beginning or to work continuously to create a passive income that is maintained over time. 

In PlanosdeCasas.Shop we propose you to earn thousands of dollars with your knowledge as an architect, best of all is that you don't have to invest any capital to undertake this business so profitable, even architects without experience can come into this business system.

For architects, we have a simple method to generate a passive income, this method is to sell digital products, which in this specific case would be to sell designs of homes to build in CAD format. This method has the advantage of not requiring a lot of time and not to make initial investments of money, you'll even have a lot of designs that a client never pay or cancel the contract. 

So use your strength as an architect, and sell your designs of houses as often as you want, thus producing passive income, the more designs you have, the more increase your income without the need of seeking some companies where you can work as an architect, everything you do online from the comfort of your home.

I as an architect, I am interested in, but What do I do to win?

You just need to register on our platform PlanosdeCasas.Shop as architect affiliate and begin to upload your architectural projects and sell them online.

What requirements must I take into account to create my account?

  • You must be a graduate architect
  • You must be the author of the designs uploaded to the platform
  • Have the desire to know how to sell architecture for the internet, and sell your architectural projects.

I already have the blueprints of houses, as I climb up to the platform?

You must upload the flat of homes compressed in a ZIP file and contain the set of plans that I will mention below.

  • 3D rendering
  • Plant furnished
  • Plant sized
  • Plane of front façade (optional)


  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Plane Electric
  • Plane Toilet
  • Plane of foundations
  • Flat Roof
  • Table of doors and windows

NOTE: you Must consider the price if they are not all the plans suggested in the ZIP file.


What price should I put my plans of homes on the platform?

First of all, you should consider the price according to the complexity of the design, the number of planes included in the ZIP and the idea of selling the design in bulk on the platform.

How many times can I sell my architectural plans?

You can sell the amount that you like, whether limited or unlimited.

What number of houses will be built with the purchase of a set of plans?

Only one or several, you decide, in the ZIP file, you must include a text file with the license that indicates how you will be able to use your drawings.

How to collect passive income?

You can request the removal of the accumulated each time you reach a minimum of $200, these will be paid through PAYPAL.

Where can I get in contact with you?

To start EARNING MONEY as an ARCHITECT, you can write your any doubt in the following contact form.

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